Online Video and the Evolution of the Internet.
What it can do for your business!

the Alabama Gulf Coast: Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Wolf Bay,
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Online Video & the Evolution of the Internet

It's all over the news, Video on the internet.

Which viral video is popular on the web this week. Who was made famous because of an online video. Video of some famous person being online. Google purchasing Youtube for a billion plus dollars. Hardly a week goes by without some mention of video online.

Why is this such a big deal?

Because it is the next step in the evolution of the internet. In the beginning the web was like an electronic version of the typed page. Typed, as in a typewriter. One color text on a one colored background. As the net progressed and evolved it became more like an electronic version of the modern printed page. With multiple styles, colors and size print. It also now included color photographs, just like a magazine or brochure.

Now it's a hybrid. A mix of the printed full color page and television or video. It's a pretty well established fact that people spend much more time watching video, of one kind or another, than they do reading. Nothing in history sells like video because it is as close as one can come to being somewhere without actually being there. Add to that the fact that so many people spend so much time watching it.

What It Can Do For You?

Video sells! Video can help you rent vacation properties. Video can help you sell properties. Video can let people know that your business exists, what it's philosophy is, what your mission is and what you offer. It also allows them see what your business looks like and what atmosphere it has. Whether it's a restaurant, retail shop or other business, video can help get you found. The real beauty is that someone looking for property or a business on the Alabama Gulf Coast can get online from anywhere in the world and see videos of some of the possibilities.

Your Web Presence!

Anyone with knowledge of the internet knows that getting yourself online is just the very beginning. People must be able to find you among the many millions of sites online. Video can help with this. Videos can be uploaded to multiple places and listed in the video search engines. All this helps bring attention to your business and bring traffic to your site.

If your business is not online at all, video is a great way to get started online. You can have a video of your business made and we will post it on it's own page, with additional text information, on our site. We will also upload it to some other sites as well.

Video Can Make You Stand Out!

In the old days, when ebay was just getting started, people who included photos of their items far out sold those that did not. There was even an option when searching to view results only if they had photos. Now it is rare to find anything on ebay or any site that does not have photos. The point is the photos made those listings stand out above the rest. Video can make your site stand out above the others.

Types of Videos.

There are many different types of videos that can be produced. A realtor, property management company or owner can have a video of one particular property either for sale or for rent made. Even this can be done in several ways. It can have someone on camera doing a walk-through, be professionally narrated or have text titles only. A company video, or webmercial, can be made that features general information on the company, it's staff, history, goals, mission, philosophy, etc. Basically just an online commercial.

Who Can Use Video?

The short answer is anyone in business that wants to be found by the public or stand out from their competition. More specifically: rental property management companies, realtors, restaurants, retail businesses, charter boats, service businesses and just about any kind of business out there. When looking for a business, more and more people like to jump online to see what is available. No matter where they are or where you are with the internet this can be done from anywhere in the country or the world.

We Handle Everything!

You don't need to worry about shooting good video or how to edit it. You don't have to worry about the best format to get it online or whether or not you have enough web space. We take care of all that. The only thing you need to be concerned about is what information you want to get across, what you want to show and what points you would like to make. We will work with you on that and then do the rest.

The Best Thing of All...

Price. Never before has video, the best selling tool ever invented, been available at a price where any businesses can afford to use it. All of the pieces needed to make this happen have just very recently come into being. The new digital video with it's high quality camcorders and all of it's editing capabilities, the dvd technology, the development of encoding software to make video work on the web and the large number of high speed internet connections. I think you will be surprised at how reasonable the pricing can be and how quickly you can get a video online. You really can't afford not to use it.

Not Familiar With Online Video?

Check out our website at We are just getting started but have videos of rental property, property for sale, local events, things to do, places to go, etc. with much more coming.

You can get in on this new technology right on the leading edge as a leader or come to it at some later time as a follower. But make no mistake about it, video is a very big part of the web's future.

I really appreciate your taking the time to look over this information. If we can help you in any way or answer any questions please contact us by email or call 251-923-9273.

Thank you for your time,

Paul Doss
Alabama Gulf Coast Video

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