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For some reason a page listing our distribution locations for our ad paper came up often whenever someone would search to find a list of Wal-Mart Distribution Centers. We have been contacted many, many times about this. Sometimes even by telephone. We have no connection with them at all.

However, having been doing this a very long time, I wondered how hard it could be to find them. My first attempt wasn't very successful either. I found references to different centers but no lists and few addresses.

I kept looking and trying other things and was finally able to put this partial list together. For space and traffic reasons I decided to move the list from my web site for the ad paper to this web site for my video business.

These are physical addresses and may or may not be where they receive their mail. Some have telephone numbers. As far as I can find out there are about 130 Wal-Mart Distribution Centers in this country at this time. This is the partial list so far, about 124. The number in brackets after the state name is supposed to be the total number of distribution centers in that state.

Over time many people have contacted me to let us know of other locations we didn't have listed. I would like to thank them for that. If you know of any others, Please let me know. The list is growing all the time and of course they keep building more of them all the time.

There are 52 general merchandise Wal-Mart distribution centers in the United States. In addition to these some of
the listing contain here are grocery distribution centers, 2 jewelry distribution centers and some import distribution
centers. Some of the centers are staffed by Wal-Mart employees and some are run by third parties. Generally only the
General Merchandise Distribution Centers deliver directly to the retail stores.

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Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7018
3001 E. State Farm Rd.
North Platte, NE 69101
(308) 535-3200


Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6084
670 Los Morros Rd NW
Los Lunas, NM 87031
(505) 866-8600


Wal-Mart Distribution Center #8206
1911 Continental Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28273
(704) 588-5240

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6091
680 Vanco Rd.
Henderson, NC 27537

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6040
1010 Production Dr.
Hope Mills, NC 28348
(910) 426-5000

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6070
220 Wal-Mart Drive
Shelby, NC 28150
(704) 487-2531


Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7048
2155 USA Pkwy
McCarran, NV 89434
(775) 356-5000


Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6597
40 Londonderry Turnpike #3
Hooksett, NH 03106
(603) 623-6330

Wal-Mart Distribution Center
42 Freetown Rd
Raymond, NH 03077
(603) 895-0066


Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7057
101 South King St.

Glouester, NJ 08030

Wal-Mart Distribution Center # ?
133 Linden Ave. East

Jersey City , NJ


Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6096
300 Enterprise Rd
Johnstown, NY 12095-3345
(518) 736-3000

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6038
8827 Old River Rd
Marcy, NY 13403
(315) 768-0150

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6041
100 High St
Sharon Springs, NY 13459-9510
(518) 284-3500


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